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Masking Operations reduced from 30 days to 12 hours


This Delphix customer has successfully run PoC and purchased Delphix in 2018. Being an Enterprise company with many interconnected applications and databases that are running in highly critical systems achieving a data agility is something highly important and with Delphix it was possible. After the company started using Delphix they realized there are many other benefits that can be achieved with a data platform that can provision multi TB databases in just minutes.


Customer faced challenges to refresh Preprod and UAT databases from Prod. It is very difficult to refresh from Production regularly as it takes too much time. After refresh, a masking job needs to be executed, which creates additional delays on the preparation of the data as the customer requires custom scripts to comply with data privacy requirements. The masking scripts are slow due to constant checking in the scripts against errors and difficulty of rewinding the database in case an error occurring in masking jobs.


When Delphix is introduced into the system it was clear that errors in masking jobs can easily be fixed and the database can be refreshed in minutes to run again. All the checks in previous version of masking scripts were unnecessary since the data was always ready, available and backup in Delphix. This allowed us to rewrite faster and more efficient versions of masking scripts.


  • Individual database refreshes are down to 30 minutes for databases bigger than 40TB
  • Database refresh and masking time are down to 12 hours from 30 days
  • Unmasked data never allowed to be in Preprod and UAT environments
  • 200TB storage savings currently, targeting 1PB savings

Accuras’ Added Value

From the day one, Accuras was involved in all Delphix related steps with the customer. Accuras provided all required analysis, architecture and deployment support. Accuras provided dedicated Client Architect for the customer. We provide 24/7 remote and on-site support for all Delphix related issues.

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