Delphix Use Cases for Insurance Market

When we start talking about big companies and their approach to handling their software delivery methods data comes out eventually as an obstacle to the attempts at agility. As the companies and their business grows larger data grows even faster and moving this data starts to get more difficult.

As we all aware competition to bring new products and features everyday and following the regulations and keeping track of the privacy requirements are some of the challenges that Insurance companies face today.

In this blog entry and couple of others following this one, I will share the problems/obstacles and solutions that we brought with Delphix.

Here are the different use cases from different customers:

Modernize IT systems 

Before Delphix, Customer was struggling modernizing its aging IT system, which was an Oracle database-centric application. With Delphix, on-demand access to data coupled with fast refreshes (minutes versus days) allowed teams to hit key project milestones on time and iteratively rehearse cut-over events, with the ability to rewind data to earlier states, ensuring a smooth transition to the new system.

Did you know that many other customers use Delphix in the center of their DataOps operations? Whether it is App Modernization or handling many projects at the same time Delphix can help you by speeding up your data.

Data migration challenges

Before Delphix, it takes days for this Customer to move large and very complex data sets from one data center to another. After Delphix, this effort is reduced to hours instead of days, minimizing risk and avoiding costly downtime.

With Delphix moving datasets from on-prem to cloud, from one cloud vendor to another cloud vendor or from one data center to another becomes an easy task without any complexity.

Provision Dev Data faster in Insurance

Provision Dev/Test Data faster

Before Delphix, it takes more than three weeks to create new development and testing environments, and the effort for developers to generate synthetic data could take up 20% of the project time. With Delphix, Customer provisions 200+ virtualized environments and moves from monthly to daily releases.

I see that what Delphix brings to its customers is the change of mindset. Seeing data move freely and easily makes the teams more productive.

Compliance with GDPR

Compliance with GDPR, CCPA

Before Delphix, this Customer had a challenge to generate daily reports, as the data contains vast amounts of customer and government information, putting Customer at risk of violating data privacy laws. After Delphix, the sensitive customer and government data is obfuscated when building and sharing reports, which helped the Customer stay in compliance with all data privacy regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, and other governance/compliance regulations. Delphix also automates the task of finding sensitive information, vastly reducing the time it takes to identify the data. Using algorithms to mask data, Client is then assured the sensitive information is protected in all environments and reports.

According to recent insurance outlook study done by Deloitte Center for Financial Services, consumer privacy is becoming an emerging global issue for insurers and the key question in every Insurance Executive’s mind is if they’re taking an enterprise-wide approach to comply with new privacy regulations and address consumer privacy concerns to avoid severe fines, in some cases, up to 4% of a company’s worldwide net sales.

Reduce the workload burden on operations team

Before Delphix, up to 75% of DBAs’ time is consumed performing database refreshes and manual data management tasks, limiting their ability to support other strategic business priorities such as data warehousing and business reporting and causes wait times for developers. After Delphix, DBAs spend just 15% of their time responding to development requests and devote the rest of their time and the wait times are reduced by streamlining interactions between development and operations teams.

In today’s data driven world reducing the cost and improving the performance are two important metrics. With Delphix we can lower your data costs and increase your teams’ performance.

Data is everywhere and data is everything. All companies are data companies. As Accuras, we can help your journey about your data.

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