Different Use Cases with Delphix

As the regional distributor of Delphix, we are providing more ways to help our customers other than providing fast test data in different scenarios and challenges and I would like to share some of them with you.

As you know, with Delphix it is possible to ingest a source system and provide as many of its full copies in as fast as 5 minutes of time. Being a virtualization platform that can ingest almost anything from databases to binary files, applications and big data, the list of things that can be achieved can be a long one. However, I will share only a few of them here.

Support for End to End Environment Creation

An End to End environment involves databases, applications and configurations to these databases and applications so that they can interact with each other. With Delphix it is possible to provision an End to End environment to your end yours and teams in minutes. Using Delphix’ hook operations each system can be tailored specific to the team using it.

Instant BugFix Environment Creation

The bugs in Production are the highest cost ones and they require immediate attention for a bugfix and necessary correction steps. When a bug in Production spotted there are different approaches for the bug fix: Either to subset the data from Production and give it to Dev teams or provide Dev teams with Prod data using export/import database option. It is possible that subset data is missing an important table or that export/import operation will take hours. Facing these challenges, organizations sometimes might let their developers work on Production systems.

With Delphix, it is possible to provide a daily refreshed BugFix environment that is only accessible authorized users.

Accelarating Murex

Murex is a global leader in trading, risk, and processing solutions for capital markets. With Delphix we can provide fresh, instant copy of any data Murex requires for any development and test operations.

Exadata Virtualization

Exadata from Oracle is a pinnacle of software and hardware and engineering and a great platform for running high performance databases. When running big databases on Exadata the results are great but when it comes to create dev and test environments for these systems it might have become a costly solution. For an alternative approach Delphix can offer a high performance and cost effective solution that we call Delphix Reference Architecture (DRA).

Multiple System Support

With Delphix you can ingest and virtualize, Oracle running on AIX, Linux, Sun Solaris as well as PostgreSQL, MySql and different versions of MS SQL Server running on different versions of Windows Servers. All of these systems and more can run on the same Delphix Engine side by side. You can check the support matrix from here: https://docs.delphix.com/docs-old/release-information/support-matrices

Cross Platform Provisioning

Did you know that Delphix can help transformation of Oracle databases from Unix to Linux?

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