General Admission

Turkey – Development Team – Full Time Remote

Baseline Job Responsibilities

  • Design, build and maintain corporate data warehouses
  • Build robust, efficient and reliable data pipelines from diverse data sources
  • Ensure quality and integrity of all data
  • Own optimization and monitoring for all aspects of the data infrastructure
  • Translate user requests for data set access into requirements, then fulfill
  • Develop data set processes, standards and documentation for data modeling, mining and production

Potential Additional Responsibilities

  • Identify and integrate new data management technologies and tools as needed
  • Develop and implement Master Data Management and Data Governance standards
  • Work with Analysts on visualization and analytics projects

Minimum Skills

  • Strong Python, shell and SQL scripting for production environments
  • Data modeling for analytics
  • Database design, implementation and management
  • Problem-solving and debugging
  • Written and oral communications in English

Preferred Skills

  • Hands-on DBA skills on postgreSQL, Snowflake
  • Using APIs to extract data from enterprise applications
  • Working knowledge of BI systems
  • Working knowledge of Data Governance and Master Data Management
  • Working knowledge of role-based data access methods

About Accuras

Accuras is an independent, privately owned technology company specialized in building software & hardware adapted solutions that our customers have to depend upon day to day, hour to hour.


Accuras’ approach is to combine technical excellence, outstanding customer service to maximize the value of technology platforms, data AI and ML to make our clients happy with advanced, digital solutions and services they’ll use time after time.

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