Liquibase Database CI/CD & Automation

Liquibase removes the manual, mindless tasks that keep your team from innovating and reduces the friction for teams that depend on each other to deliver.

Liquibase helps developers build applications faster

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Accelerate your development workflow and get your game-changing applications into the hands of users, faster.
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Collaborate efficiently with tools you already use, enabling true CI/CD for the database.
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Scale database deployments and business impact while simplifying governance and staying compliant.


Speed up software delivery and increase confidence with a reliable repeatable process that removes the database deployment bottleneck.

Database code like app code

Liquibase lets you track, version, and deploy database code with the velocity to match your application code. So you can collaborate easier, deliver faster, and make breakthroughs—not bottlenecks.

Without automation, CI/CD fails at the database

Liquibase automates database schema change so your developers can code at full speed, collaborate freely with the whole team, and deliver continuously with confidence.

Real-time monitoring & reporting

Organize, monitor, and visualize Liquibase database change activity in real time, increasing team collaboration and deployment success.

Advanced Features

Database release automation

Control what, where, when, and how database changes get deployed.

Pipeline and step status

View your database release pipeline and the steps along the way.

Database deployment dashboard

Monitor the status of every database deployment across the enterprise on a centralized dashboard with LDAP integration.

Database code packager

Package database and app code together to easily enable end-to-end database continuous deployment.

Automatic database recovery

Automatically revert the database environment to its last known good state.

Change forecasting

Understand the impact of database changes before they’re deployed.

Rules enforcement

Ensure database standards and compliance requirements are being met with the database rules engine.

Rollback validation

Ensure code is rolled back successfully. Automatically return to a safe state.


Get deployment, rollback, audit, and status reports.



SQL GPU Database

SQream conquers the largest workloads by combining available CPU, GPU, RAM, and storage resources – enabling reports, interactive dashboards, and ad-hoc queries. This balance of CPU and GPU operations ensures optimal performance. The result is faster response times, even on the most complex interactive dashboards.

Breaking Through the Data Size Barriers

SQream easily ingests and analyzes an organization’s largest datasets. Combining the throughput-oriented GPU with some best-of-breed data techniques, SQream DB scales from terabytes to petabytes with ease. Together with the formidable JOIN, which SQream DB runs entirely and effectively in-GPU from its inception, GPU-acceleration is the backbone of SQream’s massive data revolution.

Freeing Organizations from the Limitations of the CPU

When faced with massive analytic workloads, CPU-based systems often hit the wall. As queries grow in complexity, diversity, and the amount of data being processed – acceleration becomes crucial. Thanks to its ability to rapidly perform repetitive operations, the GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) has gained traction as an innovative way to efficiently and cost-effectively process large volumes of data.

Transforming Your AI / ML Models

Data drives your AI/ML pipeline. It’s critical for training, testing and validating AI/ML algorithms. In fact, the more data you feed AI/ML algorithms, the better they perform, and the more accurate and significant the results. Yet most enterprises are challenged with accessing, preparing and analyzing their massive data.

Query Acceleration

SQream ingests data at 3 TB/hr and breezes through trillions of rows of data, getting you results in a fraction of the time.

Scalable AI/ML

SQream scales to virtually unlimited data sizes. Grow from to terabytes to petabytes without having to expand expensive legacy systems.

More Accurate Predictions

SQream rapidly analyzes massive datasets, for more comprehensive model training and accurate AI/ML algorithms.

Empower Your Data Streams

Gain unrestricted access to your massive raw data, with the ability to classify and segment without time-consuming preparation.

Case Study - Türkiye İş Bankası

High quality data to Dev and INT Environments