Secure your data for all regulations

Accelerate and simplify compliance with the all data privacy law, GDPR, KVKK, HIPAA etc.

Easily meet Data Regulation Requirements

Businesses can use the Delphix platform to surgically mask confidential data, irreversibly removing information about the subject. Delphix masking transforms data values to fulfill GDPR “pseudonymization” requirements but also ensures that data is still usable for developers, testers, or analysts. Once data has been masked, Delphix delivers secure copies to on premises, cloud, or hybrid environments in minutes, instead of hours or days.



A single solution to identify confidential information, mask sensitive data values, and centrally manage data copies.


Delphix comes preconfigured with discovery templates and algorithms tuned specifically for your needs.


Protect data in databases and file systems across both cloud and on-prem environments.

Case Study - Türkiye İş Bankası

High quality data to Dev and INT Environments

Customer reviews

What people say?

With Delphix, we are now able to provide our test and solution development teams more accurate data with less and less resources. Also thanks to Accuras professional services team as they have always been there for us at every step of the process for consultancy, architectural design and installation support while enabling us to take advantage of Delphix in the shortest and most efficient way.
Mehmet Abacı
CIO, Anadolu Sigorta
We are trying to increase our business outcomes quality level by the shift left strategy of testing as early as possible in the development process. This helps our teams focus on quality at the beginning of the project, rather than waaiting for defects in late stages. Within this journey Delphix is a very strong enabler for us and supporting our strategy strongly. Easy to use, directly to the target!
Serdar Yılmaz
CDO, Türkiye İş Bankası

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