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Delphix Helped Resolution of Critical Oracle Bug


This Delphix customer has successfully run PoC and purchased Delphix in 2018. Being an Enterprise company with many interconnected applications and databases that are running in highly critical systems achieving a data agility is something highly important and with Delphix it was possible. After the company started using Delphix they realized there are many other benefits that can be achieved with a data platform that can provision multi TB databases in just minutes.


An erroneous record in one of the tables in a critical customer database causes Oracle instantly crash when a read or update operation performed against this record. A critical bug is opened to Oracle but the fix needed to be tested in the same database or a clone of this database. Due to data size it was a difficult operation and the Operations team put triggers around this record to prevent any operation that might cause the Oracle crash.


Using Delphix multiple clones of the database is provisioned and given to the Operations team. The Operations team then worked with Oracle and tested the provided solution of the bug against provisioned virtual databases. Numerous tests were performed against the solution. Delphix providing instant refresh, rewind capabilities for the provisioned database made the deployment and test of the solution easy and fast. The solution is then applied all the Production databases successfully.


By using Delphix virtual databases it was possible to apply and test a solution of highly critical Oracle bug and apply it without waiting days to perform backup and restore operations.

Accuras’ Added Value

From the day one, Accuras was involved in all Delphix related steps with the customer. Accuras provided all required analysis, architecture and deployment support. Accuras provided dedicated Client Architect for the customer. We provide 24/7 remote and on-site support for all Delphix related issues.

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