An Insurance Company

More than 500TB of virtual databases being used​.


This Delphix customer has successfully run PoC and purchased Delphix in 2018. Being an Enterprise company with many interconnected applications and databases that are running in highly critical systems achieving a data agility is something highly important and with Delphix it was possible. The company has many applications and databases and providing all the developers and testers with data was proving a challenge before Delphix.


Customer has 3 main databases in their Production system with over 60TB of data. Providing Development, Test and UAT databases to each team was a quite challenge because of operational requirements coming with backup and restore operations as well as storage requirements of these lower environment database clones.


When Delphix is introduced into the system it was clear that provision a full Production database clone in just minutes and without any storage requirements was essentially life saving. Delphix Admins in the customer started promoting Delphix and providing their own virtual database to the teams. In short amount of time all the teams were given their own databases. Currently more than 500TB of virtual databases are running and being managed by Delphix.



  • All database related operations in lower environments handled by Delphix
  • 500+TB virtual data is being used while only 60TB of storage required by Delphix
  • Refreshing a database only takes minutes of operation

Accuras’ Added Value

From the day one, Accuras was involved in all Delphix related steps with the customer. Accuras provided all required analysis, architecture and deployment support. Accuras provided dedicated Client Architect for the customer. We provide 24/7 remote and on-site support for all Delphix related issues.

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