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Istanbul, Turkey





TAV Technologies , a subsidiary of TAV Airports, is a leading technology company that develops aviation solutions and implements services globally. It provides services at more than 50+ airports on 4 continents and serves more than 200 million passengers annually. The company provides comprehensive IT management in various industries besides aviation, including construction, health, and manufacturing. As a visionary technology solution partner, it offers total technology management and delivers best-in-class designs and solutions with a high customer focus. The company is an in-house software product developer, contractor for information and communication technologies projects, and IT operations management. Since 2005, the company’s experience in airport management systems has equipped it well to develop turnkey integrated solutions as a master systems integrator.


Providing high-quality Oracle EBS environments for development, testing, and business teams can be a challenging task that requires significant time and resources. TAV Technologies faced similar difficulties, with teams struggling to access up-to-date data, resulting in various business challenges. Ensuring that teams have access to fresh and high-quality data is crucial to making informed decisions, identifying issues and bugs quickly, and completing work efficiently. Without this, delays and inaccuracies can occur, impacting business operations and customer satisfaction.

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