It’s possible to get faster with Delphix Self Service

In today’s world speed is everything. Whenever we talk about business speed is the first thing that appears. Speed, agility, dynamic are the words that fly around most.

Since it’s a very competitive world out there, “being first” creates it’s own pressure on the dev and test teams and there are some unwanted effects such as not being able to test all scenarios, detecting bugs after the product is deployed to Production or even worse these bugs being detected by other people or organizations. Security is always a crucially important aspect of any business. Being first and being secure all the time comes with a cost of having more resources to be alloacted in dev, test and other areas. More resources will mean more budget.

Agility in development means that the team should be able to access the resources they need for their work as soon as possible (on demand as a best case scenario).

So lets continue with a scenario. There is an important development project assigned to an Agile Dev Team and they should start a.s.a.p. They require the latest snapshot of Production database in their development environment. There are other Agile Dev Teams and all teams use the same Dev environment.

Delphix Self Service

Development Project Without Delphix

  • Day 1: Agile Dev Team 1creates a ticket to DBA Operations Team for “Development DB Refresh from Production a.s.a.p.”
  • Day 2: DBA Operations team gets the ticket, since the Development Environment is used by other teams, they ask for confirmation to refresh the database from Production.
  • Day 3: Other development teams raises objections for DB refresh because their own projects will be negatively effected by the operation. They also escalate the issue so that refresh will be postponed.
  • Day 5: After many escalations and meetings, database refresh is approved. All the other teams are given a day to backup their data.
  • Day 6: DBA Operations team performs a successful Export operation from the Production DB.
  • Day 7: Successful Import operation is performed for the Development DB
  • Day 8: Masking processes are run for the Production data in Development environment
  • Day 9: Development DB is ready to be accessed by all dev teams and Dev Team 1 starts working on the new project.

Development Project With Delphix Self Service

  • Day 0: Since Delphix is in the picture, all dev, test and other teams have their own databases and environments. They are also managing their own environments using Delphix’ SelfService
  • Day 1 – minute 1: Agile Team 1 starts refresh operation from Delphix SelfService GUI.
  • Day 1 – minute 5: Environment is ready with latest masked Production data. Agile Team 1 starts new project they’re assigned.

There is an enourmous agility difference between With Delphix and Without Delphix options. The example above is just a scratch on the surface.

If you would like to see more about Delphix SelfService capabilities check out this video:

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